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When you want something special for that special little one, turn to Warrior Alpaca Socks. This specialty gift box contains daily wear socks in earthy colors that are designed for longevity, terry-lined outdoor socks tha…

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When you want something special for that special little one, turn to Warrior Alpaca Socks. This specialty gift box contains daily wear socks in earthy colors that are designed for longevity, terry-lined outdoor socks that are perfect for sledding across cold snow while keeping little feet warm, and our new adorable Alpaca Peek-A-Boo Socks, which are almost as cute as your little one! We've made these available in dirt-friendly colors, so they stay cleaner-looking longer. Some sizes have non-skid alpaca appliqué, keeping kiddos safe and sound. 

Children will enjoy these socks when their feet stay warm and cozy without overheating, thanks to the breathable design and natural wicking in alpaca wool that pulls moisture away from the skin. If your kids are constantly shedding their cotton socks, try alpaca wool instead. Kids often remove their socks because their feet overheat, but with breathable alpaca wool, their socks stay on and they remain warm, comfortable and cozy. The only complaint from the kids will be getting called inside for dinner.

Alpaca wool contains amazing wicking properties that naturally pull moisture away from skin and keep feet dry for hours. Sheep’s wool can absorb as much as 30% moisture, but alpaca wool has fine fibers that only absorb a maximum of 8% because of its fast-acting drying ability.

Alpaca socks need laundered less frequently than others too, so kids can actually wear them multiple times between washing, which makes it easier on parents too!

• Alpaca wool blend for durability and easy care.
• Choose from several sizes. Need measurements? Check for kids’ sock sizes by scrolling to the bottom of the linked web page for kids’ sizing in inches and centimeters.
• Each box contains one pair each of Superfine Ribbed Casual Socks, Kids Outdoors Socks and Peek-A-Boo socks, plus a keepsake felted alpaca figure made from real alpaca wool that children will treasure. Gift wrap is available for an added fee at checkout.
• Hypoallergenic and allergen free, so they are safe for everyone to wear, including sheep’s wool allergy sufferers.
• Thermal yet breathable, keeping feet comfortable, cozy, warm and never overheated.
• Dirt is camouflaged with the sock’s natural, earthy colors.
• Machine-wash in cold water on gentle cycle and lay flat to dry. Socks will last longer if kept out of the tumble dryer. Do not use heat.

For more information about the importance of alpaca wool, read “The Case for Alpaca: The Ultimate Sustainable Material?”

Don't be confused by the wool content of our competitors, who claim more alpaca wool is always better. The alpaca wool content must fit the use of the socks. Many components have to be configured in order to compose the finest alpaca wool socks for the right purpose. Warrior Alpaca Socks has extensively researched different fiber combinations to create the finest alpaca sock blend that has the longest life, best performance and easiest care.

Our proprietary blend contains: 48% Alpaca/40% Acrylic/10% Nylon/2% Lycra, 44% Alpaca/36% Acrylic/10% Nylon/10% Lycra, and 41% Baby Alpaca/34% Acrylic/25% Nylon respectively. Blends are copy protected based on style and are part of Warrior Alpaca Socks' intellectual property.

Due to demand, if necessary, substitutes of color may be made on solid color socks only.

Warranty Information
All Warrior Brand Alpaca Socks carry a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply return them for a full purchase price refund by using our online return feature if you aren't completely satisfied. Any items must be unworn with the tags attached if you wish to return them. Sale items are discounted for clearance and are therefore not returnable. Please see our Shipping, Returns & Information page for complete details. In-stock items will ship within 1 to 2 days. Shipping time can vary depending on the shipping method selected. We offer 7- to 10-day standard shipping and 5- to 7-day ground shipping. There are also express services available at checkout.

Kids All Paka Gift Box

$49.50 - $56.50

Kids All Paka Gift Box

$49.50 - $56.50