Alpaca Socks with style, comfort, and function

A good sock makes all the difference. Whether it's a long work shift, a full day of running errands, or a leg-day workout at the gym, your feet carry you through it all. That's why we design our socks with a proprietary blend of natural alpaca wool that focuses on comfort and function.

But we didn't stop there. We carry the widest selection of alpaca socks and styles, from pattern socks to high-performance athletic socks, no-show ghost socks, and bootie socks, ensuring you won't be boxed into a limited run of set colors or style socks.

Shop the warmest and most comfortable sock you can pull on to your feet.

Featured Products

Trippy Tie Dye Outdoor Alpaca Socks - Main Image
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Trippy Tie Dye Outdoor Alpaca Socks

Show your groove with our handmade Trippy Tie Dye Outdoor Alpaca Socks - Natural, colorful and by far the softest dead head socks - definitely not your quintessential, hippie jam. These trippy tie...
Warrior Cushioned Cross-Trainer Alpaca Wool Socks - For High Performance Athletics
All Styles and colors
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Warrior Cushioned Cross-Trainer Socks - High Performance

$21.00 - $23.50
NEW Warrior Cushioned Cross-Trainer Socks - High Performance socks like no other. It’s important to have the right socks for your sport whether you are running, cycling, spinning, strength...
Flower Power Floral Alpaca Socks
Unisex Front
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Flower Power Floral Socks

Give your feet some fun, flower power with our floral baby alpaca wool socks. New for fall 2021, our delightful daisies are sure to put a spring in your step. A limited edition sock, it...
Ankle Alpaca Wool Socks - Harvest Oak Botanical Leaf Pattern
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Harvest Oak Ankle Socks

Our New Harvest Oak Alpaca Wool socks are just what you need to get excited about crisp fall days, harvest time and pumpkin spiced lattes. These cozy socks add fall hues of gold, blue and brown...
Toasty Toes Comfort Band - Ultimate Alpaca Socks
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Toasty Toes Comfort Band Crew - Ultimate Alpaca Socks

$31.00 - $33.26
Are your feet cold, tired and worn out? Our Toasty Toes Comfort Band® Ultimate Alpaca Socks will solve your problem! These fully lined and reinforced socks for cold feet at night feature a wide...
Ribbed Casual Alpaca Socks
Showing color options
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Ribbed Casual Crew Alpaca Socks

Make our Ribbed Casual Alpaca Socks your everyday go-to sock. These medium weight alpaca socks are gently ribbed & feature a smooth toe seam for an all-day comfortable fit. Crafted using our...
Base Camp Alpaca Socks
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Base Camp Crew Alpaca Hiking Socks

Battle the elements with our Base Camp Alpaca Wool Hiking Socks, specially designed for anyone who works or plays outside in nature. These heavy, thermal crew socks are designed with an extra...
Therapeutic Alpaca Socks
Front Showing color options
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Therapeutic Crew Alpaca Socks

In search of socks for your troubled, sensitive, diabetic feet? Our Therapeutic Alpaca Socks are designed with your diabetic feet in mind! Standing or sitting all day can make your feet swell, sweat...

New Arrivals

Koze Kick Back Terry Lined No-Slip Gripper Socks for Adults
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Koze Kick Back Terry Lined No-Slip Gripper Socks

Our Koze Kick Back Terry-Lined Alpaca Socks just received a requested upgrade! The same quality and comfort of our Koze Kickbacks, with a non-slip application that makes them a winner in our litany...
Baby Alpaca Ghost Socks - No Show Sock Liners
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Baby Alpaca Ghost Socks - No Show Liners

Love the sock-less look but dislike the resulting cold feet feel? Damp, sweaty, smelly shoes? We have a solution! Try our Baby Alpaca Ghost Socks, no-show liners! Replace your synthetic no...
Spirit-Stride Technical Quarter Ankle Crew Alpaca Wool Socks for Running & More
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Spirit-Stride Technical Quarter Socks - Running & More

When you’re headed out for a run on hot summer days, or just have to hit the pavement to blow off stress, you'll be glad you're wearing these Spirit-Stride Technical Quarter Ankle Socks, an exclusive...
Streetstyle Jagged Edge Anklet Alpaca Socks - Black
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Street-style Jagged Edge Anklet Socks

Be authentically you! Cute and delicate not your thing? Not all the time? If you are looking for an edgier alpaca sock to wear with heels, Dr. Martins or a host of other contemporary shoes,...
Beloved Waffle Knit Alpaca Socks - Lace Trimmed for Spring, Summer and Fall
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Waffle Knit Alpaca Socks - Lace Trimmed

Our new multi-season, beloved Waffle Knit Alpaca Socks are sure to make your top 10 sock list. These lightweight ankle socks feature an ecru lace ruffle at the top giving them more pizzaz than...
Cozy at Home Gift Box for Men and Women
Warrior Alpaca Socks

Cozy At Home Gift Box

Description Our Cozy at Home Gift Box has alpaca socks that make staying in a pleasure. Think of them as little afghans for feet! What could be nicer? This Alpaca Sock Gift Box filled...