Benefits of Alpaca Wool Socks

Discover the unbeatable benefits alpaca wool socks have over synthetic and sheep's wool socks with Warrior Alpaca Socks.


What's So Special about Alpaca Wool?

Alpacas are native to South America and similar in appearance to llamas, yet smaller. Their wool is highly valued - with good reason. Alpaca wool is stronger, softer, far less irritating to the skin, more breathable and three times warmer than sheep's wool. Unlike wool, which some people are allergic to because of its lanolin, alpaca wool is naturally hypoallergenic. Sheep's wool holds 30% moisture, whereas alpaca holds 8% at the most. This means your feet stay dryer, keeping them warm and comfortable, never cold and clammy.

Alpaca wool is also far superior to synthetic materials, since it is breathable and wicks moisture away from the body to regulate body temperature no matter the weather. It retains its warmth even when it's wet. Plus, it's naturally windproof, odor-resistant and stain-resistant. For those with skin sensitivities or diabetes, alpaca wool is soft, lightweight and non-irritating.

Alpaca Wool

Why is Alpaca Wool Perfect for Socks?

Because alpaca socks breathe and naturally wick away moisture, your feet stay warm and dry, even when your body temperature changes. Alpaca wool has microscopic pockets of air inside, which hold heat in from your body warmth when it's cold and allow your skin to breathe when it's warmer outside. This means your feet stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. These are the best cold weather socks that can still be transitioned to wear during other times of year. Choose a thicker pair or try terry lined alpaca socks for even more benefits as cold weather socks. Or try some of our thinner varieties for exceptionally breathable socks in warmer temperatures.

Since they don't absorb moisture (like cotton), these socks prevent the bacteria that can lead to athlete's foot. Due to their silkiness, alpaca socks reduce callus build-up and help prevent corns and blisters. These are big pluses for hikers, hunters and athletes. Also, the smooth alpaca hair won't retain soil, stains or odors.

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Choose from Men's and Women's Alpaca Wool Socks in Various Styles

We have Men's Alpaca Wool Socks for athletic, casual, dress and work activities. We also offer our specially designed men's therapeutic diabetic alpaca blend socks. In addition to being luxurious and extra soft for sensitive feet, these warm socks for men are designed with a comfort band and extra wide ribbing to offer the gentle compression that promotes improved circulation while stretching to comfortably fit sensitive feet.

Our Women's Alpaca Wool Socks will provide you with style and comfort for every activity. Choose from athletic, casual, work, diabetic and dress alpaca wool socks. You'll also find alpaca socks designed for wearing with boots and warm socks for women to keep you comfortable while practicing yoga, running errands and wherever your days go.

Kid's Alpaca Wool Socks are tough and soft, made to keep up with super-active kids while providing them with coziness and comfort throughout the day. Your little warriors are no match for these rugged, yet comfy, alpaca wool socks. We offer high-performance athletic socks, crew socks, mini crew socks, outdoor crew socks, fashion socks and alpaca socks for toddlers. You'll even find dye-free infant and toddler socks to keep little feet happy and healthy.

You can also browse by style from ankle socks and crew socks to over-the-calf, over-the-knee and knee socks. Are you looking for novelty socks or holiday socks? We have those too! No matter what kind of warm socks you're searching for, you'll find them in our selection of premium alpaca wool socks.

The Benefits of Alpaca Wool Socks

  • Stronger than wool
  • Three times warmer than wool of the same weight due to hollow fibers
  • Naturally insulating; regulates the internal temperature of your feet, even if they get wet
  • Softer and more comfortable; not irritating or itchy
  • Lightweight, yet supportive
  • Naturally hypoallergenic; does not contain lanolin or dander
  • Stays cleaner longer; won't hold dust
  • More breathable fabric than synthetics
  • Wicks away moisture; keeps feet warmer
  • Maintains warmth, even when wet
  • Naturally windproof
  • Resists staining
  • Odor-resistant; odors dissipate by next day
  • 100% natural and sustainable; no added chemicals
  • Can be machine-washed in cold water
  • Should be air-dried, but won't be ruined if it's tumble-dried on occasion (do not use heat)

Be kind to your feet with our high-performance alpaca wool socks designed for comfortable all-day wear for the toughest warriors.