No-Show Socks

Get all of the benefits of alpaca wool in a convenient low-cut style in the selection of no-show socks for men and women from Warrior Alpaca Socks. Wear them out on the town or while relaxing at home. You can even wear them to the gym when you want to put on your low-cut running shoes. Get the no-sock look you love while staying comfortable and dry, no matter where you go with these socks.

  • Warrior Alpaca All-Terrain Mini Crew Ankle Sport Socks
Front View Warrior Alpaca All-Terrain Mini Crew Ankle Sport Socks
On Feet with Tennis Shoes and Weights.

    All-Terrain Sport Alpaca Socks

    Keep fit & active with our Warrior Alpaca All-Terrain Sport Socks. These ankle socks feature the most innovative of microfibers, creating one heck of a soft and cozy sock by blending alpaca fiber with advanced synthetic fibers for optimal...

  • Quarter No Show Alpaca Socks 
Front Quarter No Show Alpaca Socks 
Women's boots

    No-Show Alpaca Socks Anklet

    Description Fashion socks are all the rage, but so is a sock free look. The problem is stinky, damp and uncomfortable feet, and shoes. Our No Show Ankle socks are just what you need to keep the sock free look while staying comfortable, protectin…

  • Mini Crew Alpaca Socks
Front Mini Crew Alpaca Socks with padded foot on model with tennis shoes.

    Air Cushion Alpaca Socks Mini Crew

    Description Exercise your right to a comfortable fit in our Air-Cushion Mini Crew Alpaca Socks. These ultra light anklet socks feature soft terry lining on the foot bed & light synthetic fiber top to aid in cooling. This winning combination redu…

  • Warrior Alpaca Socks No-Slip No-Show Cushioned Sox WTY0 
Blue Main Image Warrior Alpaca Socks No-Slip No-Show Cushioned Sox WTY0 
Blue on Model

    No-Show Comfort Alpaca Socks

    Description: Step into comfort with Warrior Alpaca Socks high-cut No-Show Cushion Socks. These summertime socks for Men & Women, are designed to stay in place! The best warm weather No-Show socks are only socks that stay on your feet. These…

  •  No-Show Ghost 4-Season Socks with Alpaca and Bamboo
Front View  No-Show Ghost 4-Season Alpaca and Bamboo socks on woman wearing red loafers.

    No-Show Alpaca Socks Low-Cut

    Looking for a 4 season no-show sock? Try our Ghost Alpaca & Bamboo Socks! A wee bit more coverage, and a bit thicker than our other ghost socks, these are prefect for that no sock look, even on the coldest winter day. Try replacing your...

  • Alpaca Ghost Socks -  Low Cut Micro No Show
Front No-Show Alpaca Socks Micro Low-Cut

    No-Show Alpaca Socks Micro Low-Cut

    Looking for a real no show sock? Try our Ghost Alpaca Socks! Walking around with a bunched up sock and cold feet is never fun. Try replacing your synthetic no show low cut socks with our baby alpaca wool "Micro No Show" socks.  This low cu…

  • Baby Alpaca Ghost Socks - No Show Sock Liners
Main Baby Alpaca Ghost Socks - No Show Sock Liners on model for a sock free look.

    No-Show Alpaca Liners Low-Cut

    Love the sock-less look but dislike the resulting cold feet feel? Damp, sweaty, smelly shoes? We have a solution! Try our Baby Alpaca Ghost Socks, no-show liners! Replace your synthetic no show, or Ghost socks with uber soft baby alpaca wool so…

  • Benefits of Alpaca Wool in our No-Show Socks

    Our no-show socks for women and men have the added benefit of being made with premium alpaca wool. This impressive material is a step up from wearing socks made of traditional sheep's wool. To begin with, these socks are softer and less abrasive than sheep's wool socks, so they can help prevent you from developing blisters, calluses and corns. This is a great benefit for runners, hikers and other athletes. Another excellent feature of alpaca wool is that it only retains 8% of moisture as opposed to the 30% retained by sheep's wool. This moisture wicking prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps your feet odor-free. Antibacterial properties allow for washing less often and helps keep you from developing athlete's foot.

    Shop the Best No-Show Socks

    Our no-show socks for men and women are perfect for wearing with all of your lowest-cut shoes. Shop the entire selection to find no-show socks for boat shoes, socks for flats and a variety of other lovely styles. We also offer alpaca and bamboo socks in no-show cuts for even more comfortable and sustainable options. Browse the entire collection to find the perfect fabric blend and cut for your personal style.