Sportsman Socks

Gear up for the great outdoors with our Sportsman & Hunting Socks, engineered to keep your feet warm, dry, and protected in the toughest conditions. The natural alpaca wool used in this premium alpaca footwear will make sure your feet are dry and warm with their moisture-wicking properties.

  • Warmest Socks
    Toasty Toes Comfort Band - Ultimate Alpaca Wool Socks
Front View Warrior Alpaca Toasty Toe Ultimate Socks - The Warmest!
On feet relaxing.

    Toasty Toes Ultimate™ Alpaca Socks

    Description: Are your feet cold, tired, and worn out? Our Toasty Toes Ultimate Alpaca Socks will solve your problem! These fully lined and reinforced socks for cold feet at night feature a wide elastic comfort band, making these the warmest, thickest…

    $31.00 - $33.25
  • Outdoor Terry Lined Alpaca Socks
Front Warrior Outdoor Terry Lined Alpaca Socks on Legs with Boots.

    Outdoor Terry Lined Crew Alpaca Socks

    For a sock as rugged as your lifestyle, try our Outdoor Terry Lined Alpaca Sock. Fully lined with soft alpaca loops for ultimate warmth & softness, these are the perfect outdoor socks and a favorite of sportsmen and sportswomen - equally wonderfu…

  • Warrior Alpaca Base Camp Hiking Socks 
Main Orange/Blue Model putting on Warrior Alpaca Base Camp Hiking Socks with hiking boots.

    Base Camp Hiking Alpaca Socks Crew

    Description Battle the elements with our Base Camp Alpaca Wool Hiking Socks, specially designed for anyone who works or plays outside in nature. These heavy, thermal crew socks are designed with an extra reinforced toe and heel for maximum comfort. …

  • Long John Alpaca Wool Socks - Unisex 
Front View Warrior Alpaca Long John Alpaca Socks red / brown on model watching football.

    Long John Alpaca Wool Socks

    Description Inspired by the thermal underwear donned by outdoorsmen, our Long John Alpaca Socks are constructed from thick alpaca fiber to provide superior warmth & comfort. Featuring a thick rib, soft elastic band, & seamless toe, these col…

    $24.00 - $31.00
  • Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks - Unisex
Front View Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks

    Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks

    Anyone searching for the best hunting socks that work especially well for extended time in the great outdoors should look no further than the Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks. Hunters want to be comfortable in the woods, which means...

  • Warrior Alpaca Wool Compression Work Socks  - Unisex
Front View Model putting on boot with Warrior Alpaca Compression Work Socks Crew height.

    Compression Alpaca Wool Socks

    Are you on your feet all day, or know someone who is? Our padded work alpaca socks are designed to reduce impact and fatigue while providing temperature regulation, moisture control and great foot health. All this makes them the b…

    $20.50 - $24.50
  • Felted Alpaca Insoles & Liners for Shoes & Boots
Brown, Grey Felted Alpaca Insoles & Liners for Shoes & Boots
Brown, Grey

    Felted Insole Alpaca Liners

    You will love the extra layer of cushion and insulation our alpaca insoles provide. These felt pad inserts for men, women and kids are 5/16” thick - thick enough to provide maximum warmth and not too thick to make shoes tight fitting or cutting…

  • Swell  Alpaca Wool Compression Socks for Men & Women
Toe Swell  Alpaca Wool Compression Socks for Men & Women
On Legs with boots.

    Swell Compression Alpaca Socks

    Description: Introducing our NEW Alpaca Compression Socks – a game-changer for those seeking ultimate performance and comfort. Crafted with a blend of the strongest natural fiber on earth and cutting-edge microfibers, these Warrior Alpaca wool.…

    $30.00 - $35.00
  • Cozy Cabin Terry Lined Alpaca Wool Socks
Blue, Front Cozy Cabin Terry Lined Alpaca Wool Socks
Green/Gold on model with work boots.

    Cozy Cabin Alpaca Socks

    Our Cozy Cabin alpaca wool socks are here! These socks were inspired by mountain get-aways and all things relaxing! They will revitalize feet every time they’re worn. Lounge in them while binging on your favorite shows, or sleep in them when co…

  • Warrior Alpaca Socks Vintage Red Stripe Sox Unisex
Toe Warrior Alpaca Socks Vintage Red Stripe Sox Unisex
On feet.

    Varsity Red Stripe Alpaca Socks

    Our Newest Red Stripe Throwback Alpaca Socks combines the best of the past with the smartest alpaca wool, and is made even better with modern technology. When people think of vintage or throwback socks, the classic American workwear sock, they think…

  • Campfire Alpaca Wool Socks - Unisex
Side View Campfire Alpaca Wool Socks - Unisex
Side View

    Campfire Alpaca Wool Socks

    Description Stay warm and show your love of the great outdoors lifestyle with our Campfire Socks. Featuring log fires, mountains and more, and filled with natural alpaca wool, these fire socks are hot! Our camp-style socks are a wonderful way to gree…

  • Warrior Alpaca Socks Ultimate Trekker Boot Socks WUW2 Toe
Main Warrior Alpaca Socks Ultimate Trekker Soft Warm Boot Socks WUW2 

    Ultimate Trekker Alpaca Socks

    Do you crave our thick Toasty Toes®, but find they are tight in your shoes? Introducing the newest member of the Ultimate family, our Ultimate Trekkers- designed to be a sure fit with shoes, ensuring that feet are comfortable and you have Toasty.…

  • Two-tone Texture Socks Best Alpaca Wool Socks for Men
Toe Two-tone Texture Socks Best Alpaca Wool Socks for Men
On man with boot.

    Two-Toned Alpaca Socks

    Our newest men's alpaca socks feature two-tone marled coloring tucked neatly into a wonderful texture pattern. If you're not familiar with alpaca, get ready to experience the most comfortable socks for men.  Why are they the...

  • Plush Alpaca Shearling Insoles make any shoes like shearling slippers.
Ladies flats with white alpaca fur insoles. Plush Alpaca Shearling Insoles slip in easily.

    Plush Shearling Alpaca Insoles

    Super soft alpaca fur shearling inserts turn your favorite shoes into your most loved! It's easy to enhance the comfort, warmth and breathability of shoes, boots, and slippers with our plush alpaca shearling insoles. Turn any pair of.…

  • Why You Should Choose Alpaca Sportsman Socks

    When you're heading outdoors for hunting, fishing, or hiking, picking the right socks is key to ensuring your comfort and effectiveness. Alpaca sportsman socks are a top choice for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who need dependable foot protection and comfort. These socks are crafted from natural alpaca fibers that provide excellent insulation, which means your feet stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's not. The unique structure of alpaca fibers includes tiny air pockets that help regulate temperature, keeping your feet comfortable no matter the weather.

    Alpaca sportsman socks are especially beneficial as hunting socks because they excel in moisture management. They naturally wick away sweat from your skin, keeping your feet dry and reducing the chances of blisters and other discomforts. This ability to manage moisture, paired with the fibers' inherent breathability, makes these socks more comfortable and hygienic than synthetic or even traditional wool options. Plus, alpaca socks are durable and resist odors, ensuring they last through many hunting trips. For any hunter spending long hours in the wilderness, these alpaca socks are not just comfortable—they enhance your outdoor performance.

    Alpaca Wool is a Natural Anti-Blister Material

    Whether you need men's hiking socks, ski socks or other sports socks, you'll find them in our selection of performance alpaca socks. The warm natural material we use in our special fabric blends will also keep your feet warm and toasty in cold weather conditions while still being breathable for sports and warmer temperatures.