Knee Socks

With alpaca knee socks for sale from our stylish inventory, you'll be up to your knees in the best way possible. A pair of knee-high socks made of soft alpaca fiber is the ultimate fashion accessory for when you want your lower legs to look good.

  • Second to None - Thick Alpaca Wool Boot Socks
Front View Second to None - Thick Alpaca Wool Boot Socks

    Second to None Thick Alpaca Socks Boot

    Super thick, warm and toasty, these Second to None Thick Alpaca Boot Socks are the premium sock for anyone who enjoys being in the great outdoors, but doesn't enjoy dealing with wet, cold feet. Whether wearing durable boots for outdoor adventure or..…

    $32.50 - $33.50
  • Long John Alpaca Wool Socks - Unisex 
Front View Warrior Alpaca Long John Alpaca Socks red / brown on model watching football.

    Long John Alpaca Wool Socks

    Description Inspired by the thermal underwear donned by outdoorsmen, our Long John Alpaca Socks are constructed from thick alpaca fiber to provide superior warmth & comfort. Featuring a thick rib, soft elastic band, & seamless toe, these col…

    $24.00 - $31.00
  • Warrior Alpaca Wool Compression Work Socks  - Unisex
Front View Model putting on boot with Warrior Alpaca Compression Work Socks Crew height.

    Compression Alpaca Wool Socks

    Are you on your feet all day, or know someone who is? Our padded work alpaca socks are designed to reduce impact and fatigue while providing temperature regulation, moisture control and great foot health. All this makes them the b…

    $20.50 - $24.50
  • Swell  Alpaca Wool Compression Socks for Men & Women
Toe Swell  Alpaca Wool Compression Socks for Men & Women
On Legs with boots.

    Swell Compression Alpaca Socks

    Description: Introducing our NEW Alpaca Compression Socks – a game-changer for those seeking ultimate performance and comfort. Crafted with a blend of the strongest natural fiber on earth and cutting-edge microfibers, these Warrior Alpaca wool.…

    $30.00 - $35.00
  • Old Fashioned Tender Tube Socks in Baby Alpaca Wool
Front Old Fashioned Tender Tube Socks
On Model

    Old Fashioned Knee High Alpaca Socks

    These old-fashioned socks are made using vintage mechanical knitting machines which produce a long continuous knit tube. These tubes are then cut into individual segments creating socks. Each sock is linked by hand "tenderly", which involves knitting…

  • Shop Our Premium Alpaca Wool Knee Socks

    And people of all genders use them to keep their feet and lower legs warm in cool weather as they work or play outside. Warrior Alpaca Socks has knee-high tube socks for fashion and function that keep you cozy even as you're pushing the limits.

    We've designed alpaca socks for all sorts of activities when you need some extra coverage. There are long john and boot socks for winter work, tender knee ribbed socks for women's fashion and high-performance athletic knee-highs for everything from baseball to snowboarding. These warm socks will keep your feet healthy and dry even when you're on your feet for an extra-long shift. The breathable material allows perspiration and other moisture to escape even as they're holding body heat in for natural warmth. No matter how long you wear them, they remain soft and supportive so you can do the things you want or need to.

    Everyone from nurses to soldiers can get in touch with their warrior spirit wearing the best ribbed alpaca knee stockings. We've designed and knit them so they stay up on your legs with less sagging so you're not always trying to pull them back into place. There are also several colors to choose from so they can complement your clothing instead of sticking out like a traffic light. We stand behind our knee socks because we know just how great an alpaca sock can be, and we think you'll agree as soon as you put them on!