About Us

Welcome to Warrior Alpaca Socks. We are a US, Woman-Owned Company - Thank you for Shopping with us!

When we began offering alpaca products for consumers in North America, we knew alpaca socks were a must-have. We began offering our unbranded socks in 2001 in four styles, and they were immediately a popular item because of the properties alpaca provides, superb breathability, wicking, warmth, health, and protection. 

In 2008 we participated in supplying the SOCK Brigade with socks for servicemen. The Sock Brigade was established in 2008 as a means of providing our soldiers with warm and comfortable alpaca socks. Our soldiers experience freezing temperatures in the field of duty, and the right pair of socks can make all the difference. [more info: https://legacy.bentprop.org/SockBrigadeAbout.html]

The thought occurred that in some shape or form, all people are fighting a battle on a daily basis, regardless of position. Whether it be an office worker, a mom, a service provider, doctors, mechanics, sportsmen, sports enthusiasts, teachers, even kids playing, each and every one of us has a bit of a warrior inside, fighting the daily grind – thus Warrior Alpaca Socks brand was born. 

Over the last decade, we have expanded our proprietary line of alpaca socks from basics to include many styles from performance-based alpaca socks and fashion-forward designer alpaca socks to the coziest of alpaca sleep socks, not to mention novelty and cozy casuals - alpaca socks for every age, need, demographic and specialty and each year we continue to expand our offering bringing the newest alpaca socks to market.  

Warrior Alpaca socks, unlike other alpaca socks, are specially designed for the use, taking into consideration the needs of the wearer and their lifestyle. We tailor the blend of alpaca and other fibers to suit those needs, creating a product that not only works for the wearer but supports the desire to be the best, proving that our tag line “Warrior Alpaca Socks - Tap your inner warrior ™” aids our customers in living their best life and honors the Sock Brigade’s initial concept that the right pair of socks can make all the difference.

Designed in the US, Warrior Alpaca Socks is only one in the line of alpaca brands under the umbrella of Inca Brands, Inc., and are manufactured in the USA (Los Angles, CA) as well as Peru under environmentally and socially responsible Fair Trade principles. Inca Brands is proud to showcase the work of their talented craftsmen and women who have honed their skills, sometimes through generations and over decades. 

Alpacas are a socially and environmentally responsible species. With soft padded feet instead of hooves, alpacas can leave even the most delicate terrain undamaged. Alpacas prefer to eat tender grass which they “cut” with their bottom teeth and upper palate rather than pulling vegetation from the root. This cutting encourages plants’ growth.

In addition to being gentle, even beneficial to the land, when it comes to processing the alpaca fleece,  no harsh chemicals or scouring are required during the production of fleece into fiber — this aids in keeping water clean and protects the environment. Often free from dye alpaca can be obtained in 22 natural shades. However, it does dye beautifully without the need of lye or bleaches. Overall Alpaca is the most earth-friendly of textiles.

We continue to support organizations with alpaca socks donations going one step farther to demonstrate that Warrior Alpaca Socks is a true Warrior in the marketplace. Over the past years we have supported local charities, homeless shelters in and around California, and the American Cancer Society again, believing in our mission that the right pair of socks makes all the difference. Please contact us for more information or to partner with us.