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Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks

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Anyone searching for the best hunting socks that work especially well for extended time in the great outdoors should look no further than the Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks. Hunters want to be comfortable in…

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Anyone searching for the best hunting socks that work especially well for extended time in the great outdoors should look no further than the Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks. Hunters want to be comfortable in the woods, which means maintaining warm and dry feet. Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks were created to keep feet warm while walking through a field, crouching in a blind or sitting in a tree stand.

Different activities cause the body to heat or cool, so these specialized alpaca wool hunting socks were designed to react according to a hunter's body temperature and provide thermal regulation to keep feet warm and dry, even sweaty feet. Alpaca wool removes moisture that forms on feet in warm weather, and creates a cozy, comfortable warmth in cold weather. Alpaca wool naturally wicks moisture away from the skin and aids in cooling when you're physically active. When the weather cools down, alpaca wool insulates feet and warms even if it's wet. In fact, where sheep's wool retains up to 30% of its weight in water, alpaca wool only absorbs up to 8% tops.

These camo socks feature an alpaca wool blend with the finest microfibers that create even better wicking and a longer life. The microfibers contain acrylic, which is 100 times finer than a human hair, and gives the alpaca wool an added boost by increasing durability and ease of care. Once you try these, we are sure you will agree that they wick moisture better than any other type of sock.

These comfortable alpaca wool hunting socks have a thick terry-lined foot bed that has an arch and ankle support, ribbed shaft and a comfort band opening that won't bunch, slip or bind. There's no need to wear a base layer of sock or shed superfluous ones after the sun comes up. These are socks you can wear during a three-day hunting or hiking trip. It's recommended to pick a boot that allows these hearty socks to extend above the opening to ensure effective wicking.

Alpaca wool is naturally flame-retardant, antimicrobial to repel odor and dries quickly, so one pair can last an entire weekend in the woods. These high-quality alpaca wool hunting socks are truly the toughest, most comfortable and best-performing premium socks on the market.

  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, so it's safe for everyone to wear.
  • Naturally thermal and flame retardant, making it itch-free.
  • Reduces callus build up and eliminates abrasions, which can cause blisters.
  • Comfort leg band and a smooth toe seam.
  • Available in sizes for men and women.
  • Heavy-weight materials and crew height.
  • Terry-lined foot with arch and ankle support.
  • Designed for all-day, multiple day wear.
  • Available as shown in camouflage without white areas.
  • Machine wash in cold water and air dry. Socks will have a longer life if kept out of the tumble dryer. Do not use heat.

Don't be confused by the alpaca wool content advertised by competitors because more alpaca wool isn't always better. The wool content must fit the use of the socks. Warrior Alpaca Socks have been extensively researched to create the finest wool blend for the longest life, best performance and easiest care. This proprietary blend contains: 45% alpaca wool, 40% acrylic, 8% elastic, and 2% Lycra©. Blends are copy protected based on style and are part of Warrior Alpaca Socks' intellectual property.

One of the best parts about alpaca wool is how soft it is (softer than cashmere), but it's also eco-friendly and free from animal-cruelty. For more information about the sustainability of alpaca wool, read our blog about the eco-friendliness and humane treatment behind alpaca wool.

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Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks


Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks