Grippy Socks

Step into a world of cozy fun with our delightful collection of grippy, non-stick alpaca socks! Crafted from the softest alpaca yarn and featuring just the right blend of materials, they'll keep your feet happy without any slipping or sliding.

  • Happy Alpaca Family- Non-Skid Alpaca Socks for Children
Kids sock view Main Happy Alpaca Family- Non-Skid Alpaca Socks for Children
On Mom with child

    Happy Alpaca Family- Non-Skid Alpaca Socks

    Back In Stock in all sizes! What is better than an alpaca in your pocket? How about a pair in your shoes? Our Happy Alpaca Family alpaca socks don't just have alpacas on them, its in them! They are made from baby alpaca so they are as toasty warm an…

    $10.00 - $15.50
  • Striped Toddler Alpaca Socks  - Non-Skid
Bottom View Striped Toddler Alpaca Socks  - Non-Skid on baby and Toddler.

    Striped Toddler Alpaca Socks - Non-Skid

    Toddlers need alpaca socks too, but ones that are ready to move, so we made these fun striped alpaca socks with non-skid grippers. These socks are created from baby alpaca with just the right amount of acrylic and nylon to keep their feet warm witho…

    $10.50 - $11.50
  • Non Skid "Yoga & More" Alpaca Socks 
Front Non Skid "Yoga & More" Alpaca Socks on woman doing yoga on mat.

    Non Skid "Yoga & More" Alpaca Socks

    Description Designed with your workout in mind, our Pilates, Barre & Yoga Alpaca Socks feature non-skid bottom tracks allowing you to safely work out or practice, even without a mat. The terry lined foot pads, combined with a crew style, provide…

  • Alpacorn Princess Non-Skid Sparkly Alpaca Wool Kids Socks
Child size on Feet Alpacorn Princess Non-Skid Sparkly Alpaca Wool Kids Socks
Pre-K on Toddlers Feet

    Alpacorn Princess Non-Skid Socks

    Dress up your favorite little person with these adorable Alpacorn Princess alpaca wool non-skid socks - think Unicorn, but OH! so much cuter! Infants, toddlers and pre-school age kids love these pretty, sparkly alpaca socks. They are …

    $10.50 - $12.00
  • Peek-A-Boo Paca - Kid's Baby Alpaca Non-Skid Socks
Front View Peek-A-Boo Paca - Kid's Baby Alpaca Non-Skid Socks
Flat showing non-skid

    Peek-A-Boo Paca - Kid's Baby Alpaca Non-Skid Socks

    Take home a pair of alpacas with our Peek-A-Boo Baby Alpaca socks, in Grey Heather. Gray is the most rare of all alpaca colors and alpacas always need another alpaca so they can chat. This pair is perfect for any kid from roughly age 3 to age 8 (plea…

    $10.00 - $12.00
  • Kid's Monster Alpaca Socks Heel Warrior Alpaca Monster Socks on Infant

    Kids Monster Non-Skid Socks

    Do you have a little monster in your life? Our Kids Monster alpaca non-skid socks are so soft and warm - not to mention adorable - any little monsters you might know will love wearing them! Sized for infants, toddlers, and preschool age kids, these…

    $10.50 - $19.50
  • Striped Toddler Alpaca Socks - Non-Skid - 3 Pack - Assorted colors 
Main Image

    Striped Toddler Alpaca Socks - Non-Skid - 3 Pack

    Our most loved (by parents AND kids) and best selling Non-Skid Striped Toddlers alpaca socks are now available in a 3-pack! Enough to last through thick and thin for constant wear, this 3 pack is all your kiddos need for happy feet! Made from baby al…

    $28.50 - $31.50
  • Two happy Alpaca animals in full fiber

    Alpaca Socks: Grip & Comfort

    Grippy alpaca socks stand out as the ultimate choice for workout sessions, offering a blend of comfort, durability, and functionality that surpasses conventional athletic socks. The unique composition of alpaca wool provides a natural moisture-wicking property, keeping feet dry and preventing discomfort caused by sweat during intense physical activities. Whether engaging in high-impact activities like running and cross-training or practicing yoga and Pilates, these socks provide the ideal balance of support and flexibility. The grippy soles ensure secure footing during agile movements, while the breathable, temperature-regulating properties of alpaca wool keep feet feeling fresh and comfortable throughout the workout.

    Ready to upgrade your workout game? Grab a pair (or two) of grippy alpaca socks today and step into your best workout ever!

    Daily Stability with Grippy Socks

    Grippy non-skid socks are the go-to choice for everyday life, offering a perfect blend of stability, comfort, and style that surpasses traditional socks. Their innovative design featuring silicone grips ensures secure footing on various surfaces, preventing slips and falls during daily activities. Whether you're navigating through a busy day at work or enjoying a leisurely stroll outdoors, these socks offer unmatched breathability, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable in any situation. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly adjusting slippery socks and hello to the convenience and peace of mind provided by grippy non-skid socks.

    Ready to add a touch of stability and style to your everyday routine? Secure your steps with grippy non-skid socks today and feel the difference with every stride!

    The Key Benefits of Wearing Alpaca Socks

    Let's dive into the world of alpaca socks, a luxury that's worth every penny, especially for those of us who spend a lot of time on our feet.

    • Unbeatable Comfort: There's nothing quite like slipping your feet into a pair of alpaca socks. With their unmatched softness, they cradle your feet like a dream. Perfect for those with sensitive skin or who simply appreciate a plush, luxurious feel underfoot.
    • Superior Warmth: Alpaca fibers are known for their exceptional thermal properties. Even in the chilliest winters, alpaca socks keep your toes toasty, making them an essential for everyone, especially as we age and our circulation isn't what it used to be. Say "goodbye" to feet cold and "hello" to bliss.
    • Moisture-Wicking Marvels: Forget about sweaty, uncomfortable feet. Alpaca socks are a godsend, naturally wicking away moisture to keep your feet dry and cozy. Ideal for those long walks or just pottering around the house.
    • Durability that Delivers: When you buy alpaca socks, you're investing in longevity. Alpaca fibers are notably durable, meaning your socks won't wear thin or develop holes as quickly as other types. Great value for your hard-earned money.
    • Hypoallergenic Haven: Alpaca fibers are naturally hypoallergenic. So if you're tired of dealing with itchy, irritated feet, alpaca socks are your ticket to comfort. A real game-changer for those with allergies or sensitivities.
    • Sustainable Style: Buying alpaca socks also means investing in sustainable fashion. Alpaca farming has a low environmental impact compared to other types of livestock, which means you can look good, feel good, and do good for our planet. It's never been more stylish to be eco-conscious.
    Step into Comfortable Alpaca Socks

    Step into Comfort and Style with Alpaca Socks

    Say goodbye to tire, cold, and achy feet once you pull on a pair of Warrior socks.

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