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Retro Comfort Family Alpaca Socks Quarter Crew

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Description: Looking for the most comfortable socks for every season?  Warrior has reinvented alpaca socks to help the whole family have all-day comfort, and all-day support, 24/7, 365 days a year! Warrior's uniqu…

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Looking for the most comfortable socks for every season?  Warrior has reinvented alpaca socks to help the whole family have all-day comfort, and all-day support, 24/7, 365 days a year!

Warrior's unique alpaca wool blend yarn is the best material for socks in both cold and warm weather. We have created the most effective combination for keeping feet dry, cool, and comfortable in every season, with extra padding where you need it most. Colorful, classic colors, these vintage throwback styles are for men, women and kids. Our kids sizes come with little alpaca hoof prints eliminating socks that slip and slide, while being virtually undetectable under foot.

These Solid Quarter Crew socks are perfect for just about every sport, every chore, every game! They're preferred over crew length and longer socks especially during summer months because they don’t fall down. Wear them with confidence knowing that they won't go anywhere as you move around during your hectic day-to-day activities, work or play.

A fantastic insulator, alpaca nestles pockets of cool air around feet while trapping and pulling heat away from skin in warm weather, reversing the process when temperatures drop. This means happy feet no mater what. 

Our balanced, patent pending alpaca blend yarn, is uniquely crafted and specially designed to wick moisture away from feet, but we have taken it one step farther. By intentionally designing these socks to move more sweat from the bottom of your feet during warm humid weather, they expel moisture while neutralizing bacteria and odor. This combination of moisture management and dynamic thermo regulation creates socks that protect feet unlike others.  

Our Comfort Collection features a extra cushy plush footbed, softening every step, helping ease sore and tired feet!  With reinforced heel and toe, with a seamless to seam, what more could your feet want? How about dry feet, soft socks and no foot odor! Say goodbye to pesky blisters and chafing. Say goodbye to hot feet and damp, smelly socks and hello to cozy toes! 

All Day wear means all day comfort, for every age!

Each pair is:

  • Made from natural, soft 100% Alpaca wool combined with cutting edge Microfibers.(Content below)
  • Dynamic Thermal-Regulation, for year-round All-day, Everyday wear.
  • Sizes 1/2, 2/5, 6/9, come with Non-Skid treatment so NO Slips or Slides for our little Warriors.
  • Antimicrobial, eliminating Bacteria and Foot Odor.
  • Reinforced heel / toe with Smooth toe seam.
  • Hypoallergenic and Lanolin free so no Itch or Irritation.
  • Cushioned footbed keeps feet Pampered, reducing Blisters & Callus build-up.
  • Moisture wicking keeps feet Dry, Comfortable and at an Optimal Temperature.
  • A Carbon Neutral, PFAS free product.
  • Easy Care - 
    1. Machine wash on cold using any detergent.
    2. Lay flat or hang to air dry minimizing carbon footprint & electrical usage, while maximizing the life of your Warriors.
    3. Handy Tip: No need to bleach - Antimicrobial Alpaca doesn't need it!

Do you know alpaca wool is considered wash-less so you can wear them more - we recommend at least 3-5 times easily, between washings? Simply let them air out between each wear.  Not only is this better for you, but it’s better for the environment too.

Our proprietary Alpaca Yarn blend contains: 47% Alpaca/ 38% Acrylic/ 15% Nylon©. The blends are copy protected based on style and are part of Warrior Alpaca Socks' intellectual property. More isn't more and it isn't always better. We are professional sock makers crafting Alpaca socks since 2006. Our goal is to compose the finest alpaca socks for you that you love and love to wear. We extensively researched alpaca wool and fabric content and created the finest blends for the longest wear, with the best performance and easiest care.

For more information on Summer socks or other topics check out our blog post, Warriors' - Your Summertime Funtime Alpaca Socks!


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Retro Comfort Family Alpaca Socks Quarter Crew

MSRP: $8.00 - $16.00
$6.40 - $12.80

Retro Comfort Family Alpaca Socks Quarter Crew

MSRP: $8.00 - $16.00
$6.40 - $12.80