Alpaca Socks

Great socks need to be comfortable, stylish, and durable - that's exactly what alpaca socks are known so well for. Shop the widest selection of alpaca sock styles and pattern socks each designed with specific uses and backed by customer verified, top-rated product reviews.

  • Diamond District Baby Alpaca Wool Boardroom Sock
Toe Diamond District Baby Alpaca Wool Boardroom Sock
On business man with dress shoes.

    Diamond District Baby Alpaca Boardroom Socks

    Extra soft and lightweight baby alpaca wool yarn makes these boardroom dress socks as fashionable as they are comfortable. Appropriate for virtually any occasion, he will love our Diamond District Boardroom over-the-calf, crew socks.  The fines…

  • New
    Marled Best Friend Crew Socks - Hand Cranked
Main Toe Warrior Alpaca Socks Marled Best Friend Crew Socks on model with black shoes.

    Marled Best Friend Crew Socks - Hand Cranked

    These sock may just be your new best friend. Made locally, our hand cranked Mid Crew socks are as warm as they are colorful! It starts with hand painted alpaca wool yarn. No two ever come out the same,  but make the perfect pair, just like…

  • Power Line Graphic Patterned Baby Alpaca Wool Socks
Front Warrior Alpaca Socks Highly Patterend Power Line Socks WJP2-1 on model with shoes and jeans.

    Power Line Graphic Patterned Socks

    These energizing graphic patterned socks are made from luxurious, breathable and super soft baby alpaca wool so you're sure to have happy feet all season long! Patterned socks for men and women are here to stay and nothing compares to our …

  • New
    Waffle Knit Alpaca Socks - Lace Trimmed 
Brandywine Front Waffle Knit Alpaca Socks - Lace Trimmed 
Brandywine with lace top showing above booties.

    Waffle Knit Alpaca Socks - Lace Trimmed

    Our new multi-season, beloved Waffle Knit Alpaca Socks are sure to make your top 10 sock list. These lightweight ankle socks feature an ecru lace ruffle at the top giving them more pizzaz than other socks in your sock repertoire, while the waffl…

  • Ankle Alpaca Wool Socks - Harvest Oak Botanical Leaf Pattern
Front Ankle Alpaca Wool Socks - Harvest Oak Botanical Leaf Pattern
On feet with wooden table.

    Harvest Oak Ankle Socks

    Our New Harvest Oak Alpaca Wool socks are just what you need to get excited about crisp fall days, harvest time and pumpkin spiced lattes. These cozy socks add fall hues of gold, blue and brown colors with an on-trend botanical floral pattern to…

  • Warrior 100% Alpaca & Bamboo Socks Women's Special Occasion Gift Box on feet. Warrior 100% Alpaca & Bamboo Socks Women's Special Occasion Gift Box

    Love Grows Gift Box

    Love is in the air, everywhere we look around. Not just for Valentine's day, send this gift box to mark a special occasion, an achievement or better yet, for no reason at all! Silky soft, these ultra-soft baby alpaca and bamboo socks are environment…

  • About Alpaca Socks

    We have been creating alpaca socks for more than 15 years and have worked to hone our proprietary blend of alpaca wool and other fibers to best fit the specific use of each sock we make. When you put on a pair of Warrior Alpaca Socks we want you to feel both the instant softness of the fiber and the supportive, foot comfort during all-day wear. Not all alpaca wool is equal. With a variety of alpaca fiber grades, it can be difficult to know if your alpaca socks are utilizing the buttery soft Royal Baby fiber or the roughest Coarse fiber. All of our socks are manufactured from sustainable, earth-friendly, and high-quality alpaca wool. This difference is why our socks are some of the most beloved and top-rated socks available anywhere.

    FAQs about Alpaca Socks

    When it comes to alpaca socks, there can be many questions. Since alpaca wool is a natural fiber that many people aren't as familiar with, things like care instructions and sock thickness can leave you guessing. Here are answers to some of the most common alpaca sock questions we see.

    Are alpaca socks warm?

    Yes, alpaca socks are very warm while not restricting breathability. Due to the naturally hallow structure of the fiber, alpaca wool insulate your natural body temperature without raising it. This means your feet to stay warm without overheating or sweating.

    Are alpaca socks itchy?

    Itchiness usually depends on the quality of alpaca used. Higher quality alpaca wool (such as "Royal Baby") has no itch, while coarser grades of alpaca wool may. This is why we focus on utilizing the right grade of alpaca wool for all of our Warrior Alpaca brand socks.

    Are alpaca socks durable?

    Alpaca socks are very durable and on average provide 3x the number of wears compared to typical cotton socks. This means a pair of alpaca socks will last much longer. They are not however indestructible. Depending on natural pressure points of the foot, you can still spots that wear more quickly as this would occur with any sock.

    Are alpaca socks machine washable?

    Warrior Alpaca Socks are machine washable. For longest sock life, we recommend turning the socks inside out, washing in cold water, and laying them flat to dry. They can be machine dried however this can cause pilling with some natural fiber socks.

    The Benefits of Alpaca Wool Socks

    • Stronger than wool
    • Warmer than wool with the same weight due to hollow fibers
    • Naturally insulative; holds internal temperature of foot
    • Softer and more comfortable; not irritating or itchy
    • Naturally hypoallergenic; does not contain lanolin or dander
    • Odor resistant; odors dissipate by next day

    Alpaca Socks Posts

    How Do I Prevent Holes in my Alpaca Socks?

    You can prevent your socks from getting holes by purchasing quality natural fiber (we recommend alpaca fiber socks, of course!), trimming your toenails, and practicing good foot maintenance.

    I Clomped Around Norway in These Frilly Alpaca Socks

    I had a small mountain of expiring points at Norwegian Air, so in August, my husband and I took our toddler to Norway.