Over the Knee Socks

Who says covering your knees isn't cool? Over-the-knee alpaca socks are a fun and practical option for people who want to mix it up. They're especially popular in the cooler months when you want to continue wearing shorts or skirts while keeping your lower legs warm. Women's wool thigh-highs are common among the ladies who want to show their legs off or add some flair to an outfit. But they're not just for females - men's thigh-high alpaca socks can be a great part of a casual-but-classy guy's outfit, too. And since you're ordering them from Warrior Alpaca Socks, we know you have a spirit that doesn't care what other people think.

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But you will care about if you're getting a high-quality sock, which is why we've designed the best ones for happy feet, calves and knees. Our alpaca over-the-knee sweater socks have the same cozy comfort as your favorite top - which you might even wear with them! The cable pattern and ribbed construction keeps them in place whether you're lounging, walking or high-stepping. If you want to try a different look, turn these alpaca fashion socks into knee-highs by scrunching them around the top of your calves. You can make them look sexy or go for practicality. That versatility is part of being a Warrior!

Add a pair or two (or even three) of over-the-knee socks to your wardrobe today with free domestic shipping on orders over $49.99. The all-natural alpaca yarn is warm, soft and hypoallergenic. It's also breathable so your legs will stay dry in any weather. A big part of their comfort is that they're also thinner than other socks, so they'll feel more like wearing leggings than wearing leg-sweaters (despite their snazzy appearance). We have secure shopping so all you have to worry about is how great you look. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn about more of our cool new products.
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