Novelty & Holiday Socks

Novelty & Holiday socks you'll love!

You shouldn't have to choose between socks that are warm and cozy or socks that are fun to wear. With our novelty alpaca wool socks, you can have both! We've taken the soft, comfortable alpaca fiber and fiber blends that are the basis of our footwear and added cute, colorful patterns. By getting festive holiday socks or novelty socks from Warrior Alpaca Socks, you can enjoy their natural insulation while also adding some excitement to your wardrobe. Even a solemn warrior knows there are times to let loose, and with these socks, you can give your feet both a fighting chance and something to smile about.

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Our oddball socks come in many styles, sizes and patterns because there's always a good time for some amusing apparel. Novelty dress socks such as Fair Isle knitted crew socks and Americana striped alpaca socks will spice up an otherwise dull workday. You can go old-school in the winter with some Norwegian ragg wool mid-calf socks. If you're playing pick-up basketball, some novelty ankle socks will have your opponents on their heels. There are also great holiday socks. Christmas alpaca socks with reindeer and sweater patterns will keep you warm and fuzzy during the season while candy heart socks are the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Did we mention these socks are practical too? The alpaca material has all the best properties of wool socks including insulation, breathability and durability. But it's thinner than wool so your feet won't feel squeezed in your shoes. Oh, and it's completely itch- and irritation-free. Add in the fun patterns and you have the ideal sock for keeping things light in more ways than one. We have high-quality novelty alpaca socks for sale that come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Domestic orders over $49.99 ship free as well so you can stock up on socks for when a warrior wants to show their joyful side while they're working hard.
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