Warrior Alpaca Socks helps you wage war on the new normal!

Warrior Alpaca Socks helps you wage war on the new normal!

3rd Apr 2020

Who knew life would change so fast? 

It seems that the normal we knew just 10-14 days ago is long gone. If you’re like me and your "new normal" includes working from home while trying to juggle kids, spouse, more meals in a day that we even want to think about, the old normal chores, not to mention added noise and distractions, cold feet and hands are just one of the many things often let slide.

With working from home while sitting in front of the computer or laptop and the TV on 24/7 - those added hours of Netflix - our activity level isn't normal either. In most of the country cold spring mornings and damp rainy days make it hard to keeping a live-able temperature in the house, thus the need for "work" sweats and the most cozy socks.

My Mom always said "cold hands, warm heart", could Mom have been wrong? Yes! We don't have to settle, and put ourselves last on the priority list.

Cold hands are never a good thing and the number one reason for cold hands (noses too) is cold, clammy feet. We lose more moisture from our feet than any other region of our body.

With cotton socks that damp gets absorbed by our socks, sitting there, chilling our feet. Acrylic socks are just as bad if not worse because they don’t let feet breathe and dry. Less activity means less circulation and before you know it your nose is ice and your hands cold, not to mention freezing feet. More stress, less comfort...the next thing to go is the nerves and or temper and you're snapping at someone (hey, the dog has feelings too), or eating – opening the fridge for the umpteenth time, not knowing why.

Springtime is the hardest time for management of your body temperature, quarantine or not. Between not knowing if you'll see sun, clouds, wind or rain how do you prepare? And with increased humidity that minimizes drying it's important to have quality socks that keep you cozy. Being cold also encourage us to eat more. It's a hard wired thing, our bodies seek sustenance in order to get the blood flowing, to get our temp up - survival.

Yes! I have been a proponent of alpaca wool socks for decades now and it's not just because I design and make them for sale, it's because my family and I wear them and have found that they add value to our life, and always, but especially at this time, we wish that for you and your family too. While alpaca socks may not cure all the ills of the world, for me they help to increase my comfort and at least remove some of the crazy.

In our house we find we can turn the heat down and still be comfortable in our alpaca wool socks without getting cold. All natural, insulating alpaca helps regulate body temperature, it's like the insulation in your house, but for your feet. Go ahead turn down the thermostat, it will help with heating bills.

My favorite socks for this time of year is our Casual Everyday alpaca socks. A perfect weight for everyday wear, they have just enough thickness to give your feet the thermal protection against damp and cold you need. They come in natural as well as bright colors – even space-dyed options – out of this world! Once the covid-19 crisis ends you will find they work for you in a multitude of applications from work days to weekend chillaxin (yes, eventually we will have our weekends back!)

I am finding I reach for our Warrior Yoga alpaca socks on days I think I can get a quick bit of exercise in between conference calls and kids nap-time. With the non-skid treads I can do my yoga poses or burpees and not slip and slide on or the floor. The low profile rubberized treads are undetectable if I throw on slippers or shoes for a dog walk. These are great for seniors too!

We have lots of cozy socks; my husband loves both our Ultimate Toasty Toes and Outdoor Alpaca Socks, but I’m craving one of our newest Koze Kickback socks - pure heaven. The soft terry loops create a lightweight cocoon of softness around my feet and toes. I find myself living in these especially on the weekend and longing for them at the end of the day.

If fun novelty socks are your thing, try our Cloudy Day Alpaca & Bamboo socks or one of the other happy and lighthearted socks in our new Alpaca and Bamboo collection. These have a great fit and a wee bit of compression to support ankles and legs when you sit longer than you should. Remember, your boss can't see your feet on a conference call!

Kids love alpaca socks too and if they are running around they need non-skid alpaca socks to keep them from ice skating on hard wood floors, either on purpose or accident. Our Happy Family and Peek-a-boo Paca socks are just their thing.

Because alpaca helps regulate body temperature kids don't get "hot-foot" which drives them to pull off their socks. With alpaca wool socks they stay cozy – no more telling them for the 10,000th time to "please put your socks on".

Alpaca doesn't absorb moisture rather it wicks it away from skin, this aids comfort but it has added benefits too! No foot odor; less moisture means less bacteria and because alpaca socks stay fresher longer, less sock washing. Alpaca socks can be worn 3-5 times between washes. This is cause for celebration too, one less request to your never ending day - "Honey do we have any clean socks?"!

So in these challenging times, you have enough distractions. We at Warrior Alpaca Socks want you to battle the things that matter, and cold feet doesn't have to be one of them. We know you got this. From my family to yours, stay cozy, stay home and stay safe!

You are a Warrior!