Warriors' - Your Summertime Funtime Alpaca Socks!

Warriors' - Your Summertime Funtime Alpaca Socks!

Posted by Kim Brooks on 13th Apr 2023

Alpaca wool mixed with microfibers is the best material for warm weather socks and it;'s the most effective combination for keeping feet dry, cool, and comfortable in the summer. 

Both Alpaca and man made microfibers like nylon and acrylic are individually moisture-wicking, but they are even more powerful when combined properly, enabling the movement of sweat to the outer surface of the socks where it can vaporize. Alpaca wool is the most breathable of all natural fibers, and expert at keeping sweaty feet dry.

Alpaca, known for being warm and cozy in the winter is a fantastic insulator in the spring and summer, keeping pockets of cool air around feet when temperatures rise. Additionally it pulls heat from our body, trapping and releasing it in warm weather. This is the same temperature regulating magic that keeps alpacas alive high in the Altiplano. There, temperature variations from negative degrees to greater than 70 degrees can occur in a single day. This combination of moisture management and cool insulation can't be beat to protect feet from summer heat.

While cotton socks are light and breathable, it's not ideal for warm weather because it absorbs moisture and holds it next to your skin. Alpaca wool holds only 8% moisture, while merino and cotton absorb 30-270% of their weight in water. Abrasion from damp material rubbing against skin is the number one reason blisters and callus form, causing painful sores. Alpaca skims over warm skin, without irritation.

Warrior Alpaca Socks are fast becoming the leader when it comes to preferred performance socks. This is because they feel like no other socks; soft, yet supportive, with all the components you expect in quality socks, reinforced and fitted heel and toe with a smooth toe seam, arch support, all while remaining light and airy.

We spent the last 16 years developing our sustainable alpaca sock yarns, engineering different styles, looks and performance levels to sustain our customers' ever-changing needs. 

Our new colorful and happy sock collections are her for you, your kids and your parents too! Try our All-Day Every Day Sock Collection on for size, or for socks for the whole family - our Comfort Collection! We have designed these alpaca socks to out perform your wherever your feet may roam regardless of age. You can count on your Warriors through all warm wether excursions regardless of how much work or play you give them. Get out there and live!

Did you know...

Each of your feet have approximately 125,000 sweat glands, more than anywhere else on the body, more still if your a woman - producing roughly half a pint of water each, every day! 

If you're like most people your socks are wet and your shoes are damp at the end of the day. Alpaca keeps feet dry, your socks soft and shoes sweet smelling. This is due to the antimicrobial nature of alpaca combined with the most effective moisture management only our alpaca yarns can provide.

To top it off, alpaca is safe and sustainable. 

Alpacas have a low impact on the planet. They are mostly found high in the Andes Mountains way above the tree line, unusable land -  land that can't grow crops or sustain other livestock. They are not wild creatures, rather they are tended and graze freely among the creeks and tender grasses. They don't contaminate their living environment nor do they create barren land as they only take the tops of the green shoots allowing the roots to remain intact.

According to natural resources scientist Professor Wayne Meyer, it takes an outlandish 44,910 gallons of hot water and harsh chemicals to produce just 2 lbs. of clean sheep's wool. By comparison, he sites that cotton requires approximately 1,400 gallons for the same 2 lb. volume. 

Alpaca uses minimal water, a fraction of that of other fibers. Since it doesn't have lanolin or grease it holds less dirt than its counterparts and can be cleaned quicker and easier. Therefore it needs less time washing (and no hot water!) and doesn’t need chemicals. Peruvians use a root plant, occurring naturally in the wild to make non-toxic soapy cleaners for alpaca fiber.  

Thanks to sustainable, earth friendly alpaca, this all adds up to a carbon neutral footprint, so go ahead and feel great about putting on your Warrior's everyday.

Easy Care -

Do you know alpaca wool is considered wash-less so you can wear them more - we recommend at least 3-5 times easily, without having to physically wash them. Simply let them air out between wearings. Not only is this better for you, but it’s better for the environment too. 

When it's time to wash:

  1. Machine wash on cold using your preferred laundry detergent.
  2. Lay flat or hang to air dry, minimizing electrical usage, while maximizing the life of your Warriors.
  3. Handy Tip: No need to bleach - Antimicrobial Alpaca doesn't need it!