The Best Warm Socks for Winter

The Best Warm Socks for Winter

3rd Feb 2020

Premium Winter Socks for Warm Feet

As the name suggests, Warrior Alpaca Socks are created for warriors who are not just battling the cold during a camping or hunting trip, but want to give their feet a fighting chance every day. It's great to have specialty socks that keep campers' feet warm and dry despite frigid weather or nighttime temperatures, but it's also wonderful to have warm, comfortable socks to lounge around in at home after a long, hard day.

Luckily, Warrior Alpaca Socks are specially designed to fill any need for warm, dry and comfortable socks in any environment and for any occupation or sport. In fact, Warrior Alpaca Socks were recently selected as the warmest socks on the planet by Cool of the Wild.

The Magic Behind the Best Warm Socks in the World 

All Warrior Alpaca Socks are made from alpaca wool that naturally contains properties like thermal regulation, antimicrobial aspects and enhanced wicking abilities. Unlike sheep's wool, alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, making it the ideal material for anyone who suffers from allergies or dislikes the itchy feeling that sheep's wool causes due to lanolin (that alpaca wool lacks).

Warrior Alpaca Socks are made with a blend of 100% alpaca wool with other fibers; microfibers, bamboo, nylon and even Spandex© depending on the purpose of the sock, which aid in durability and ease of care. A lighter weight dress sock is created with a wool blend to maximize its ability to maintain a snug fit and hold its shape, while a thick, thermal sock is appropriate for keeping campers' feet warm, dry and comfortable. 100% Alpaca Wool is available as well for those that crave purity in their natural fiber socks.

Baby alpaca wool is the best material for lodge socks to lounge around the house in after a long, hard day because it's the softest material available. It's even softer than cashmere and definitely more sustainable. Baby alpaca wool is the name given for the finest alpaca hair harvested and has nothing to do with the age of the animal. The harvesting of alpaca wool is sustainable and green, and animals are not harmed during the gentle process. Fair Trade guidelines are followed with our alpaca wool too, meaning artisans in Peru receive a fair living wage for their work.

Unlike cashmere goats, which overgraze land and cause desertification that threatens other species, alpacas are a socially and environmentally-responsible species. Rather than uprooting plants when they graze, alpacas trim the foliage with their bottom teeth, which encourages recurring plant growth. They also have soft padded feet rather than hooves, which leaves the terrain undamaged. For more information about the importance and sustainability of alpaca wool, read eco-friendliness and humane treatment behind alpaca wool.

Specialty Socks for Extreme Cold, Thermal Work Socks & More

Warrior Alpaca Socks has created the best hunting socks available on the market, the Sylvan Camouflage Alpaca Wool Hunting Socks. These specialized alpaca wool hunting socks were designed to react to a hunter's body temperature and provide thermal regulation as the finest pair of warm and dry socks out there, no matter the activity. These socks are thermal even if they get wet, an unequalled trait among socks.

Battle the bitter cold with Ultimate Alpaca Socks or Second to None Thick Alpaca Boot Socks that are specially designed for anyone who works or plays hard outside. These heavy-duty thermal work socks were designed with an extra reinforced toe and heel, arch support for maximum comfort and warmth, or try our Base Camp Alpaca Wool Socks which have a flat knit crafted with a thick alpaca wool yarn. Don't worry about having cold, wet feet because alpaca wool naturally expels moisture and odor. This keeps feet warm, dry and free from odor because of the natural antimicrobials in the superfine alpaca wool. Many people swear by these for indoor use too, as a cozy cocoon to pamper tired, overworked feet.

Alpaca wool is known to have the best insulating properties and the most comfort. Whether hiking, camping, hunting, snowboarding, skiing, sledding or building a snowman, these rugged socks will keep feet warm. Choose from our broad selection of the best socks ever made to find anything from extra warm ladies' socks to adjustable Felted Insoles and Liners for shoes and boots this winter - we worked hard to be confident you'll love what you wear.