Men's Socks

Put your feet in a plush, cozy environment all day by wearing Warrior alpaca wool socks for men. Every step is cushioned in the softest natural fibers, providing the support you need, even when you're on your feet all day. Plus, we offer a variety of styles so you can wear these men's alpaca socks for any occasion. Start shopping now to discover why these socks are a step above the rest.

Why Alpacas?

You've probably already heard that wool socks offer a few advantages. Wool fibers are great insulators, they're odor-resistant and they absorb moisture to keep your feet dry, a wonderful solution for sweaty feet. So why should you consider alpaca socks instead of those made from sheep's wool or merino? For one, alpaca wool is a great alternative for those who can't wear sheep's wool due to allergies. Besides that, however, alpaca wool is also softer and warmer than sheep's wool, and the silky texture helps to prevent the development of calluses, corns and blisters. Plus, alpaca holds less moisture than any other natural fiber and has excellent wicking abilities to prevent the growth of bacteria. That means less sweat and odor and more all-day comfort.

Stylish Socks

With our Warrior alpaca socks, men can keep their feet feeling great no matter what the occasion calls for. We offer fancy power socks, work socks and dress socks, even argyle socks that help you look professional and polished for important events. When it's time to kick back, put on our casual wool socks. Use our athletic styles to get alpaca hiking socks, running socks or workout socks. Hunters and sportsmen love our alpaca hunting socks. We even have therapeutic diabetes socks with compression features to promote blood flow. No matter what's on the docket for the day, Warrior has the best alpaca socks to keep you on your feet.
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Toe Diamond District Baby Alpaca Wool Boardroom Sock
On business man with dress shoes.

    Diamond District Baby Alpaca Boardroom Socks

    Extra soft and lightweight baby alpaca wool yarn makes these boardroom dress socks as fashionable as they are comfortable. Appropriate for virtually any occasion, he will love our Diamond District Boardroom over-the-calf, crew socks.  The fines…

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Front Warrior Alpaca Socks Highly Patterend Power Line Socks WJP2-1 on model with shoes and jeans.

    Power Line Graphic Patterned Socks

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  • New
    Warrior Alpaca Socks Ultimate Toasty Toes 3-Pack sox Black/Grey/Grey-Nordic Warrior Alpaca Socks Ultimate Toasty Toes 3-Pack sox Black/Grey/Grey-Nordic

    Toasty Toes - Ultimate Crew Alpaca Socks Pack

    Description Our best selling, coziest and most loved socks just got better - Three times better! This NEW sock pack guarantees no toes left un-toasty! Choose the 3-pack that's right for you! Are your feet cold, tired and worn out? Our Toasty T…

    MSRP: $93.00
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    Sock Drawer Reboot

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