Looking for 100% Pure Alpaca Socks?

I get asked all the time for 100% Pure  Alpaca socks. People believe that if there is more alpaca in a pair of socks they are a higher quality... Is that in fact the case?

The highest quality alpaca socks are made up of three components and vary greatly depending on the end use...


1) The right quality of Alpaca must be chosen respectful of the final product. 

Alpaca comes in five grades from Royal Baby – the finest, to Coarse- the roughest. Royal baby is buttery soft and coarse is just that, coarse and unpleasing to the skin. Some makers use this coarse fiber, it is after all alpaca. Inexperienced makers don't take into consideration the use by the wearer. Using grades 1 or 2 Alpaca in say a Hiking Sock would cause it to pill and wear through, it’s just too soft; yet using grade 4 or 5 would cause foot irritation, yet using the same alpaca grade in a dress sock would make it itchy because of the weight. We research and choose the right alpaca for the proper use.


2) The blend. 

Alpaca socks need to be blended with other fibers such as acrylic, nylon, spandex and Lycra. Why? These fibers create durability and longevity to the socks allowing for longer wear, machine-washing as well as imparting qualities needed for the optimum performance for the wearer. 100% Pure Alpaca socks would wear through, shrink, beard and be a waste of money. These synthetic products vary as well, and finding the perfect balance is a core commitment we take seriously. Often more than one of these extra fibers is added. The needs and performance for a running sock for a runner is different than the needs and performance of a daily wear sock for a businessman. We protect our percentages, but US law mandates that to call a product like Alpaca socks, Alpaca, there needs to be more Alpaca in it than other components. We respect that and adhere to the program!


3) The manufacturing process. 

Not all socks are created equal. The knitting of socks has evolved over time and through innovation, manufacturing has changed. It takes a knowledge base as well as skill to knit alpaca socks. Additionally, the fabrication must take into consideration the grade of alpaca that is being used. Alpaca is more slippery than wool, the same fittings just don’t work, and fittings change based between grades of alpaca too. Taking the time to make the tweak and crafting socks using the proper technical processes are paramount in creating socks that are comfortable, fit the foot appropriately, and have the proper density for the need. Manufacturing affects so many aspects, including the warmth, performance and durability of the sock.

We have been creating alpaca socks for more than 15 years and have worked to obtain the best blend particular to the specific use of each and every sock we make. We use only the finest quality materials, the proper blends of alpaca and synthetics, the finest knitting and finishing processes based on the needs of you, the wearer.

We at Warrior Alpaca Socks want you to love your socks, not just when you first put them on, but months later, after they have been worn and laundered over and over. We want you to swear by your running socks, be zen in your yoga socks, happy hiking, warm sleeping, or comfortable sitting on the sidelines watching your team, player, or favorite sport. From motorcycling to dog walking, to couch potato-ing ... we want your alpaca socks to fit your lifestyle.

We want to remove at least one-thing… uncomfortable, cold, damp, sore feet, from your list of worries... rest assured, we have your back, and your feet! 

We are Warrior Alpaca Socks and we want your feet to win the battle of the daily grind!